Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What is the insecticide made from?
We use pyrethrum insecticide, that's has been approved for use in and around food processing plants and restaurants. Pyrethrum is considered biodegradable and is sought for sensitive applications like the post-harvest treatment of fruits and vegetable. Pyrethrum is so safe that the U. S. government approves its use on such insect-prone foods as tomatoes, even while they are on their way to the supermarket or processing plant.

Q2: How safe is pyrethrum?
Pyrethrum is clear and free of allergens. Furthermore it has a low toxicity level. It is water based and biodegradeable. It is a natural insecticide that protects the chrysanthemum flowers from plant eating insects. They do not build up immunity to pyrethrum as they do other chemicals and synthetic compounds dangerous to humans.

Q3: Does pyrethrum leave a residue like other chemicals and synthetic compounds?
NO. Pyrethrum is completely biodegradeable. After pyrethrum affects the mosquitoes and other insects it decomposes harmlessly.

Q4: Will insecticides with pyrethrum harm my pets?
Used according to the label instructions, the insecticide is considered non-toxic to mammals. Pyrethrum insecticides have been used in agriculture and equine applications for a quarter century with no known harmful effects.

Q5: Is pyrethrum effective against any other insects?
Yes. Almost all insects are killed or repelled by pyrethrum including mosquitoes, flies, spiders, gnats, roosting wasps and all other insects.

Q6: What kind of facilities benefit from using an automatic insect control system?
Backyard pool and patio areas, Restaurant patios, Zoos, Veterinary Clinics, Commercial trash areas, Equine facilities, Bovine housing, Poultry houses all use automatic insect control systems. Controlling mosquitoes, flies, gnats, dirt daubers, flies, spiders, etc., creates a healthier environment for your family and your pets.

Q7: What is the system warranty?
This includes reservoir, timer, pump, nozzles, tubing and hardware.
Mosquito Management Systems further stands by its products with a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. For the first ninety days after installation we guarantee satisfaction. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the operation or effectiveness of this system we will remove it and only charge for the labor involved.

Q8: How often should the timer be set to come on?
Let nature be your guide. In early spring, 2-3 times a day for 45-60 seconds should be adequate. As different pests swarm or become active, you may increase or decrease the number of sprays you use. You should never need to exceed 6 times per 24-hour period.

Q9: How long before I have to refill?
The frequency of re-filling your system will depend upon the number of nozzles, the number of sprays per 24 hours, the severity of the insect problem and the length of each spray cycle. Our finely machined spray nozzles each emit approximately 1.1 ounces per minute at 200 PSI. The average custgomer sprays about four minutes total per day. This equates to a usage of about one-gallon per nozzle per month. All systems are protected by an automatic shut off that keeps the system from running when the tank is dry, thereby protecting your pump from being destroyed. The system shuts itself off when the liquid level is too low.

Q10: What type of maintenance does the system require?
All maintenance will be done by your MOSQUITO-PROtm dealer. (1) You should rinse your intake filter (that hangs inside the drum) each time you refill your drum. Washing your intake filter prevents clogging of your nozzle tips and filters. (2) Your tank should be washed out at least once a year to remove any natural bacterial growth or residue accumulation. (3) When refilling your system, check to assure pressure is set under 200 PSI. This prolongs the life of your pump. (4) If at all possible, use softened or filtered water to prolong the life of your tips and filters.

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