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Mosquito Misting & Insect Control for your Mosquito Control DIY Systems.

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We are the manufacturers of the MOSQUITO-PROtm insect misting system, the finest automated insect control system available today. It is an insecticide and insect repellant delivery system designed and developed for home mosquito control by experienced entomologists and pest management professionals.

MOSQUITO-PROtm utilizes a revolutionary, customizable mosquito and insect misting system on every installation. This mosquito mist system is unique to us and features a digital timer, upgradeable software capabilities, and is completely automated. As it mists, the MOSQUITO-PROtm insect control system sprays pyrethrum insecticide into a perimeter spraying area to kill or repel mosquitoes and other flying insects within certain protection zones such as areas around pools, outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, porches - even entire yards. Our system is the foremost mosquito misting system on the market today. We are the leading manufacturer in the mosquito and insect control industry and want to help you take your yard back from unwanted pests!

Installed by fully trained and licensed pest control professionals, the MOSQUITO-PROtm system can be used effectively as a single line of defense against mosquitoes and other flying insects.

The MOSQUITO-PROtm insect misting system is perfect for:

Around the perimeter of homes Pool, Patio and Recreational Areas
Restaurant patios Dog Runs
Zoos Commercial and Industrial Facilities
Horse Stables Dairy Farms
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mosquito misting, insect control, mosquito control diy